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Кріоін Інжинірінг на виставці SEMICON Japan – 2019

Присутність на виставці SEMICON Japan в Токіо у грудні 2019 року - це знакова подія в історії нашої компанії, перш за все тому, що це перша для нас виставка в Японії, і ще тому, що на стенді в якості компаній-партнерів одночасно перебували представники Iskra Industry (Японія ) і Кріоін Інжиніринг (Україна). Semicon Japan вперше відбулася…
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(EN) Cryoin Engineering became a golden sponsor for the latest CMC Conference in Saratoga Springs, USA.

(EN) Cryoin Engineering became a golden sponsor for the latest Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference hosted by Techcet in Saratoga Springs, USA.

It has proved to be a great platform for providing an update on the materials challenges, global semiconductor materials market, logistic strategic sourcing as well as drivers influencing the industry.
The experts from different parts of the world addressed the technical and supply-chain issues, R&D, pilot fabrication and shared forecasts on the future market opportunities.

The presentations were followed by the Round Table sessions that were held in the atmosphere of inspiration and enthusiasm and allowed the attendees to interact with their partners, customers and colleagues.

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(EN) 15th International Conference Cryogenics-2019

(EN) Cryoin Engineering R&D department represented reports at the 15th International Conference Cryogenics-2019, April 7-11, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic:
«Solid Neon and its Obtain in the Laboratory Conditions» V.L. Bondarenko, Iu.M. Simonenko, B.A. Pylypenko. «Extraction of Xenon from Inert Gas Mixtures» V.L. Bondarenko, A.A. Chygrin, Ye.V. Medushevskyi

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