Neon gas for sale

Neon is used in excimer laser mixtures production, lighting engineering, advertising, radio electronics, lasers and cryogenics.

We offer Neon gas for sale in a wide range of concentrations, as well as Neon containing gas mixtures. This noble gas is supplied in special cylinders and multi-element gas containers in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 certificate requirements.

Neon is used for simulation of space conditions in the thermal vacuum chambers, for conservation of animal tissues and for free radicals freezing. This noble gas is used in illuminating engineering. Neon lamps set in a variety of devices, illuminated advertisement and signal devices. Usually Neon containing mixtures are used in the lamp manufacturing. It is done to reduce the ignition voltage.

Also, Neon gas is widely used in medicine, especially to improve the conditions of the human respiratory system. Medical procedures with Neon-Helium mixture have beneficial effect to the respiratory passages and lungs of patients.

Contact our managers to buy Neon gas. We will calculate the price for any required volume, terms of delivery, and provide you with all the necessary information.