Krypton noble gas

One of noble gases, Krypton is produced by virtue of the latest equipment and methods of production. Cryoin Engineering is a reputable manufacturer of rare gases with personnel that boasts over 25 years of corporate expertise in the cryogenic industry. Purity of rare gases is up to 6.0. 

Gas krypton is used in the production of excimer lasers (which are used in electrical engineering and surgery), energy-efficient lights, rocket fuel, insulating glass, also used in the lighting industry and scientific research.

Krypton is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. It is non-toxic and chemically inert.

We offer for sale Krypton gas in any volume and provide shipping of gas products in specialized cylinders and bundles. We arrange delivery at any city of Ukraine and all over the world. We cooperate with shipping companies specializing in transportation of hazardous goods (ADR regulations etc.) to ensure smooth operation and on time delivery of our shipments.

If you have any questions about delivery, transport, storage or process of manufacturing, please contact our managers and they will provide you with all the necessary information.