Helium in tanks for sale

Helium is produced as a result of neon-helium mixture separation and purification process. It is used in welding, for filling balloons and airships, as a carrier gas (semiconductors, optical fiber). Liquid and gaseous helium is used in gas chromatography, cryogenics, in the breathing mixtures for the deep-sea diving, aeronautics and space technology.

Helium is colorless, non-flammable, non-poisonous, inert gas with no taste or odor, with high capacity for ionization. Helium is usually in the gaseous state, so gas tanks are mostly used for its transportation.

Helium is also used for cutting, welding and melting the metal to create a protective atmosphere. Helium is an important component in gas lasers.

Liquid helium has one of the lowest freezing temperatures. It is used in scientific research, high-tech technology, medicine. At a temperature of liquid helium, superconductivity materials easily transmit electricity without heating and create powerful magnetic fields. Also, liquid helium is used in modern NMR scanners, for cooling superconducting magnets and even in the cryogenic electrical machines and the Large Hadron Collider (particle accelerators). Helium weight contained in the cylinder capacity of 40 liters, is only 1 kg. Therefore, its transportation in large quantities is more cost-effective.

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