Gas products

  • Neon

    Neon gas for sale Neon is used in excimer laser mixtures production, lighting engineering, advertising,…

  • Helium

    Helium in tanks for sale Helium is produced as a result of neon-helium mixture separation…

  • Xenon

    Xenon gas for sale Xenon is used in medicine, electronics, space, research & development projects,…


Rare gases of high purity

Cryoin Engineering produces and supplies worldwide rare gases of ultra high purity: Neon, Isotopes 20Ne, 21Ne, 22Ne, Helium, Xenon, Krypton and mixtures containing these gases. Our professional team uses the latest equipment and technology to ensure the highest quality of rare gases. Guaranteed quality of rare gases purity up to 99,9999%.

Our products conform to all the standards and requirements to occupational safety, storage and transportation. Managers of Cryoin are always ready to consult you about the products, necessary volume and to give comprehensive information on each gas.

We offer for sale such noble gases as Neon, Krypton, Xenon and Helium, and guarantee our clients high level of safety of the equipment for transportation and storage.

We supply our products in cylinders of different capacity, bundles and ISO tube trailers. We use our own containers or the containers provided by our сustomers. Furthermore, we use only diaphragm valves to ensure the ultrahigh quality of rare gases.

Cryoin Engineering delivers products all over the world by all means of transportation: sea lines, airfreight, trucks.