China International Semiconductor Expo, IC-China-2016

China International Semiconductor Expo, IC-China-2016
Shanghai, China
8-10 November, 2016

China International Semiconductor Expo is a 3 day event being held the New International Expo Center in Shanghai, China. This event showcases product from Electronics & Electrical Goods industry.
IC China launched a decade ago is an important event with increasing domestic and international influence. Serving as a platform for manufacturers and R & D institutions engaged in IC design, chip production, packaging and testing, semiconductor equipment and materials to demonstrate their latest products and to promote their brands, IC China has gradually earned its awareness and reputation by focusing on decoding industrial policies, initiating theme seminars and sessions discussing how to achieve innovations in system, business patterns, and technology.

Cryoin Engineering becomes a sponsor of Critical Materials Council Seminar “Semiconductor Materials Challenges In and Out of China”, a seminar held as a part of China International Semiconductor Expo.
The main goal of the Seminar is solving Critical Materials Issues in a non-competitive environment by identifying/alleviating supply problems, sharing best practices, and working on industry standards for the benefit of the semi device fabrication community.