Key managers of the Company completed training on Adizes Methodology

June, 1-4. 2016

Key managers of the Company completed training on Adizes Methodology.

The Adizes Methodology is a proprietary, structured system for accelerating organizational change that was developed by Dr. Ichak Adizes, and has been applied by the Licensees of the Adizes Institute since 1975.


Unlike traditional management consultants who provide answers, Adizes provides powerful concepts, methods and tools so that CEOs and their management teams can figure things out for themselves.  We know from over 40 years working with clients in 73 countries that range from the Global 100 to middle market companies, start-ups, and governments, that the solutions our clients develop with Adizes get implemented, while the brilliant insights from traditional consultants often sit on shelves and gather dust.

Among the clients of The Adizes Institute who gave their permission to publish their names are:

Young Presidents Organization (worldwide), Concern "Europroduct" (Ukraine), Possii Sberbank (Russia), «Bank of America», «Volvo», «Domino’s Pizza», «Israeli Air Force», «Subaru of America», «Coca-Cola Foods», «Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)», «IBM», «Shell», «Visa Group» and others.