February 2016

Developed and registered Technical Specifications TS 20.1- 39032768-003:2016 for GASEOUS COMPRESSED NEON-HELIUM MIXTURE

Purchased and installed modern high precision equipment:

- Gas chromotograph/mass spectrometer GC-MS 7890B/5977A Series (Agilent Technologies Inc., USA) in January, 2016 (LGA Krypton Xenon);

- Two gas chromatographs "816 GC GOW-MAC" (Instrument Co., USA) in January and June 2016 (LGA Krypton Xenon);

- Mass spectrometer "Prima PRO" (Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., USA) in February 2016 (LGA Neon);

- Moisture analyzer "Halo 3 Н2О" (Tiger Optics LLC, USA) in March 2016 (LGA Neon);

- Analyzer of total hydrocarbon content "The Baseline Series 9000 THA" (MOCON Inc., USA) and High purity hydrogen generator SONIMIX 3080 Plus (LNI Schmidlin SA, Switzerland) in April 2016 (LGA Krypton Xenon);

- Moisture analyzer "Halo 3 Н2О" (Tiger Optics LLC, USA) in May 2016 (LGA Krypton Xenon);

While work with such equipment for measurement results processing we use the latest computer technologies and program support. Due to the most advanced analytical equipment we improved the technology of gas analysis.