Cryoin Engineer becomes a member of СМС – Critical Materials Council

September, 28. 2016 Cryoin Engineer becomes a member of СМС - Critical Materials Council.

The Critical Materials Council is a membership-based organization collectively working toward anticipating, and solving Critical Materials Issues in a non-competitive environment by identifying/alleviating supply problems, sharing best practices, and working on industry standards for the benefit of the semi device fabrication community.


Such membership gives us the following advantages:

  • Access to the most current and accurate Critical Materials Information
  • Paths to prevention and remedy of material shortages
  • Get credible third party validation of the supply chain with a special focus on China
  • Customized IT provides current and timely news/information on WW Critical Materials Information
  • Collaboration with other organizations on best practices and remedy of material supply problems.

Cryoin Engineering is directly relevant to this industrial sector as we are one of the main manufacturers of Neon for production of semiconductors. And such leading position obliges is to stay relevant to any changes, improvements and requirements of the highest standards.