CMC Conference 2017 – Critical Materials for Semiconductor Device Manufacturing

Being the Critical Materials Council (CMC) Associate Member, Cryoin Engineering took part at the annual CMC Conference 2017, May 11 – 12, 2017 Dallas-Richardson, TX.

The CMC Conference is a two day event providing actionable information on materials and supply-chains for current and future semiconductor manufacturing. Within the conference the speakers provided information on critical materials used in HVM fabs and looked at manufacturing integration issues associated with new materials needed for future devices. Notable speakers from leading semiconductor fabricators, materials companies, and leading market research firms (such as Matheson Gas, Air Liquide, Linde, Samsung, IBM, Intel, etc) provided insights on this ever-changing area of semiconductor process materials and markets.

It was a pleasure for Cryoin Engineering to sponsor a Conference, which was attended by industry experts who work with supply-chain management, business-development, R&D, and product management, as well as academics and analysts.