Rare gases of high purity

Cryoin Engineering produces and supplies worldwide rare gases of ultra high purity: Neon, 20Ne, 21Ne, 22Ne Isotopes , Helium, Xenon, Krypton. We hold high standards of quality throughout the production process and use customer-focused approach to answer requirements of international market. Guaranteed quality of rare gases purity up to 99,9999%. We are constantly improving the quality of rare gases by developing and introducing new technical solutions and equipment. We deliver our products in any country by all means of transportation, sea lines, air freights, trucks.


Ne 5.0, Ne 5.5, Ne 6.0
Used in semiconductor and display industries, as well as gas lasers, lighting engineering, advertising, radio electronics, cryogenic refrigeration

Neon isotopes

20 Ne, 21 Ne and 22 Ne
Used for studying transport processes in liquid and solid phases taking into account quantum effects. 22Ne is used in nuclear research, particularly as a tracer agent in mass spectroscopy and in particle сyclotrons.


He Technical He 4.5, He 5.0, He 5.5, He 6.0
Helium is produced as a result of neon-helium mixture separation and purification process. Used in welding, lifting, inflation, as carrier gas (semi-conductors, optical fiber).


Xe 5.0, Xe 5.5, Xe 6.0
Used in medicine, electronics, space, R&D projects, lighting (halogen, automotive lights)


Kr 5.0, Kr 5.5, Kr 6.0
Used in lighting manufacturing, construction (multiple glass panels), R&D

High quality and new technology

Cryoin Engineering produces and supplies rare gases of ultra high purity - Neon (Ne), Isotopes of Neon 20Ne, 21Ne and 22Ne, Helium (He), Xenon (Xe), Krypton (Kr). We are a reputable manufacturer of rare gases with personnel that boasts over 25 years of corporate expertise in the cryogenic industry.

The Mission of our Company is to produce rare gases of ultra high purity and constantly develop new technologies, which make it possible.

We always meet our customers’ needs since we offer the latest technologies, products and services to industrial enterprises, medical institutions and other organizations that deal with industrial gases.

Our proprietary equipment and production methods help to achieve the highest quality of our products. All the noble gases we produce meet quality standards. We obtained ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the production of rare gases in 2016.

Cryoin supplies rare gases not only to Ukrainian market but worldwide. We deliver our products all over the world by all means of transportation: sea lines, air freight, trucks.

Due to advanced technologies of Neon, Xenon, Krypton, Helium production, professional employees and excellent service, we hold a dominant position in the market of cryogenic products.


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Guaranteed quality of rare gases




Years of experience in cryogenics

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Constant improvement of technology

iso 9001Cryoin Engineering constantly improves production facilities to conform to the best world standards of technology, safety and security. We are currently carrying out an order for a research project for the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration in Dresden (Germany). Furthermore, we represent our scientific achievements on at least five conferences a year.

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