А competition for employees of Cryoin Engineering to write haiku

October 20, 2017

2017 is declared the Year of Japan in Ukraine, and on the eve of Japanese Culture Day on November 3, we announced a competition for employees of Cryoin Engineering to write haiku about our Company, products, people and production facilities.

The prize for the first place was 2 tickets for the concert of Keiko Matsui, the world-famous Japanese pianist and composer, which held in Odessa on November 2 at the Opera House.

Haiku is a national Japanese form of poetry, three-line verse, a genre of poetic miniature, simply, laconically, capacitively and authentically depicting nature and man.

According to the results of the contest, the winner became the head of the laboratory LGA №3  and his haiku:

Cold separates and dominates,

Giving birth to rare gases.

Remember, engineer, that Winter is coming!

The jury noted that in this haiku as a mandatory element was used kigo - "seasonal word" (jap. 季 語).

2nd place of honor took haiku:

* Code of the samurai *

Production supervisor, like Samurai,

To achieve perfection in production,

Should shout to the subordinates: "Banzai!"

It was also suggested to replace Banzai with Kaizen - the Japanese principle of continuous improvement of production processes, development, supporting business processes and management, as well as all aspects of life.